Tina Vraneš is a young fashion designer from Slovenia.

All her products are made by herself and localy with accuracy and care. The emphasis is on details and functionality.

After completing her studies in Ljubljana, at the Faculty of Design, the story and passion for making bags begins,  inspired by her final clothing collection.

In her creations, we can feel an industrial look, fused in the geometric lines of construction and deconstruction, symmetry and asymmetry, which she interlaces into a meaningful unit.
By combining different materials together she designs unique stories that might portray a feeling, a thought, a moment, an event, a memory.

The whole brand proudly stands on 100% animal-free products (VEGAN leather).

Tina's (brand) perception of the world, that she mirrors into her design:

When you are creating something, you want it to be perfect, but on the way there is all about dealing with imperfections, making them part of the wholeness. Just like life and everything that surrounds us. Embracing it all. When imperfections make us unique and thus perfect.

I am ready to make my imperfections perfect for me. What about you?"